17. Extraña, rara, amigable y enamoradiza. Amante de los dulces y pelirroja de corazón.
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    Rescued dogs - before and after! These people who saved them did an amazing job!

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  • "La gente quiere escuchar canciones con las palabras que tienen miedo de decir."
  • MATT LEBLANC: "We spent 10 years together, all day, every day. And then when it was over, everybody’s career went in different directions, like it would with six people in an office job. When we run into each other, it’s like, ‘Oh my god! Hey, how you doin’?…It’s like no time’s passed. It really is. It’s good."  

    On whether they ever watch the show, and what they remember about filming :

    MATT LEBLANC: ”Sometimes [I’ll stop on the channel], I’ll say, ‘Oh, this is a good joke coming up.’” (told that Courteney Cox doesn’t remember much about those 10 seasons) ”She was drunk most of the time. I have to out her right here.”  

    LISA KUDROW: ”I don’t tend to see the show, but on the Internet sometimes if I’m looking for something — I don’t know how it knows that it’s me—a Friends thing will pop up as a suggestion for something to watch… It’s always like, ‘Hey, why don’t you look at these bloopers? Look at all the Joey bloopers, and here’s David Schwimmer’s funniest moments…And I laugh out loud.”

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    Apart of the 69 percent 👀

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  • "Lo siento, llegaste tarde, se me acabo el café pero, queda té, ¿quieres?"
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  • "Es difícil saberlo a ciencia cierta, pero supongo que los momentos importantes entre dos personas surgen cuando se empiezan a decir verdades en forma tan casual como antes se decían mentiras."